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4 Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

Posted by Rastelli Market on Jul 25, 2014 9:08:03 AM

There are multiple ways to cook steak, but in order to get started you must first select a cut of beef. Even if you are used to the butcher and have only recently discovered the advantages of buying steaks online, choosing the best cut is still up to you: filet mignon has very little fat and is typically the tenderest; a ribeye offers plenty of fat marbling, making this steak extremely moist and flavorful; another option might be a strip steak, which has a great combination of tenderness and flavor. Once you have chosen a particular cut of steak, these four tips will help you to cook it to perfection!

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Make Grocery Shopping Easier when Living in the City

Posted by Rastelli Market on Apr 8, 2014 9:55:29 AM

When you move from the suburbs to the city, there are a lot of changes that you expect: taking public transportation more often, places being more crowded, prices being higher, et cetera. Some of the changes you don't quite think about, like how difficult it is to get groceries. When you're used to being able to drive to the store, stock up on essentials for the next month or so, put them in your trunk, and drive home, you're now faced with a slew of new issues. You're not always guaranteed parking. If you walk or take public transportation, you have to make sure you can carry your loot home. You have to buy food every few weeks. And, you really need to reconsider your budget.

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