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Sustainable Seafood & Organics: Good for you and good for the environment

Posted by Rastelli Market on Apr 19, 2017 11:23:54 AM

"Sustainable” and “organics” are two buzzwords that are all over the internet and social channels every day in the foodie world.  Whether you’re looking to eat “clean”, follow a trend or protect the environment, chances are you have heard them.


While these words may seem like just another lifestyle; eating sustainable seafood and organic meats, like the options we carry at Rastelli Market Fresh, are good for you and good for the environment!  In light of Earth Day, we decided to give organics and sustainable seafood the shout out they deserve.


Let’s start with organics!


Eating organic meats means the animal has not been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics.  This reduces the body’s toxic burden to these chemicals.  In addition, mono-saturated fats are lower in organic meats which makes for a healthier option.  Many studies have found that eating organic meats lower the risk of certain cancers, thyroid diseases, obesity, diabetes, infertility, asthma and certain allergies. 




So how do organics help the environment? Simple. When farmers choose to raise their crops organically, they avoid using pesticides and other chemicals, which in turn allows the animals being raised to eat rich, nutritious feed that has not been polluted.


Up next: sustainable seafood.


Sustainable seafood are fish that are caught or farmed in ways that help protect our oceans and their resources into the future.  Sustainable fisheries usually target plentiful types of seafood in an effort to not deplete their population.  Sustainable fisheries also mandate certain environmental safety regulations, like controlling bycatch and dredging.  




In addition, sustainable seafood has lower health risks like a lower mercury count. Too much mercury over long periods of time can lead to serious health risks, most notably in the brain.


By shopping for sustainable seafood, you are also helping the environment.  The high demand for seafood is taking a toll and the amount of fish in our oceans are declining.  Shopping sustainable seafood improves the odds that we will have higher seafood stocks in the future.


Remember shopping organic and sustainable seafood is not just good for you, it is also great for the environment. Happy Earth Day!


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