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Seafood, Wine, and Everything Fine!

Posted by Rastelli Market on Feb 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Seafood, Wine, and Everything Fine!

While wine and seafood are amazing alone, together they are an unbeatable combination. Though in the past many used to believe that only white fish pair well with wine, today anything goes. While it may seem a little intimidating, pairing wine and seafood doesn’t have to be hard. This info will come in handy when cooking for yourself or when ordering at restaurants. To jumpstart your wine and seafood pairing adventure, we’ve outlined 4 of our favorite pairings below. These wines can be found at most liquor stores and are very modestly priced so there is no reason that you shouldn’t try these delectable combos!

1. Salmon & Pinot Noir

Salmon and Pinot Noir pair perfectly together. Pinot Noir is lightly fruity and spicy which is terrific when paired with salmon that has been grilled over charcoal or hard wood. Delicious extras to add to this dish are mushrooms, soy sauce, or bacon.




2. Snow Crab Legs & Pinot Grigio
This Italian white wine is amazing when paired with crab. Pinot Grigio is well known and available almost everywhere. Its lightly acidic body really compliments rich crab legs.



3. Halibut & Chardonnay

Halibut and Chardonnay are very similar in the way that they are both very neutral in flavor. Halibut is flaky like salmon but slightly firmer and thicker which makes it delightful when paired with Chardonnay’s full-bodied taste.



4. Lobster & Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc, often referred to as “grassy” for being so refreshing and crisp is highly acidic and low in sugar. Dry crisp white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc are a great match for lobster or other lean white fish.



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