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5 Advantages of Organic Beef

Posted by Rastelli Market on Jul 7, 2014 1:04:36 PM

It's official – organic is in! Many people have become concerned about making good health choices, and that doesn't just apply to greens. Organic beef has become all the rage, but is it really any different? The answer is yes. Whether you're a steak connoisseur, an earth lover or both, here are five ways organic beef is better than the alternative:

1.  Happier cows – One of the biggest reasons that people prefer organic beef is that the cattle are generally treated more humanely. Given access to open pasture and an organic diet, the cows are healthier and enjoy their lives.

2.  Less fat – The amount of fat in a cut of meat is crucial to its tenderness and flavor. Unfortunately, factory raised cattle typically have far too much fat in their meat. While a small amount of fat adds juiciness, especially if it is properly marbled throughout the cut, too much fat ruins it. Confined cattle are fed an unnatural, super-rich diet of grain which makes them fatter and fatter, as they get no exercise to build up muscle. The result is cows that can barely walk and meat that's too chewy. Organic cattle are raised primarily in pasture; giving them plenty of exercise. They eat grass—a healthier diet that allows them to put on fat gradually - the way nature intended. The result is that organic beef has better marbling and a less fatty cut.

Image of organic beef

3.  Better flavor – There's no doubt about it, if you're a steak aficionado then you can taste the difference in grass-fed organic meat. Maybe it's the natural diet of grass that makes cows put on weight the way they're supposed to. Or maybe there's just something about healthier, happier animals that leads to a better tasting steak. Whatever it is, it makes a real difference and it's why the best chefs and steakhouses are making the change to use only 100% grass-fed organic beef.

4.  No antibiotics or hormones – When you force cows into a confined "factory farm," the crowded conditions mean they get sick a lot, so they're given antibiotics; the lack of space also means they can't exercise and don't put on muscle, so they're given growth hormones. Two bad solutions to a problem that doesn't have to exist! Excessive use of antibiotics can reduce the drug's effectiveness and pose potential health risks in our food supply. Organic beef opts out of the whole process by excluding routine antibiotics and hormones altogether.

5.  Earth friendly – All the factors above don't just add up to better meat, they add up to a better impact on the environment. Eating organic beef is the green choice.

What do you love about organic beef?

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